Pipe burst inside my house, what should I do?

Try to look for your inside water main shut-off valve and shut it off. If you couldn't find it, please call city or us to come immediately to shut off from the outside

Raining so badly outside and my basement flood, what should I do?

Set up electrical pump and pump out mostly retaining water. Call us to find out what is wrong with your sump pump system.

I received a huge water bill from the city, what should I do?

Call city first and see if the leakage is on the city side. If not, please contact us for water leak detection and further water main replacement service.

Boiler is not working and has an error code, what should I do?

Please press the re-set button first. If it happened again, please call us for boiler system inspection.

I found some water stain mark on the drywall, what should I do?

It maybe slowly water leak or drainage pipe issue, please call us for FLIR camera inspection.